12- Tackling the end of summer blues...

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Hello Readers,

Fall/ Winter ushers in a feeling of pressure with the return to work, the weather changing and just feeling sluggish in general. Here at KWEZI we share our short reads as a way to help you navigate the world feeling sexy, elegant and impactful! Today, we hope to get you prepared to tackle the end of summer blues, we have done some research into the best way to stay happy, healthy and productive during the winter months!

1. Happiness 

We are aware with all the different things life throws our way, being happy is easier said than done. We often dwell on the rush we had during summer; good weather, free time, and holidays leading us to begin associating all our positive actions with summer. For example, exercise, when it starts getting darker outside we are more reluctant to work out or with returning to work, you begin to ignore the things that give you joy. In winter, unconsciously, we start neglecting everything that contributes to our happiness. Trust me, I’ve been there before. So, how can we avoid this?

2.  Health

There are so many links between a good mental state and a good physical state. If your looking for some kickstart motivation, let me start by saying summer bodies are built in winter. Now that we’ve got you thinking about your health, what you should be looking for is discipline. You owe it to yourself. Taking better care of yourself, dressing up to suit you, going on walks, eating better or taking up a sport all improve your health and wellness. The question is, Are you willing to sacrifice your peace and health by not actively attempting to help yourself? The only person your doing it for is you. The lack of discipline will translate in all aspects your life and the results ultimately will not be positive. 

3. Productivity 

Discipline is also important when it comes to achieving the goals you set for yourself. It is important you have something your working towards, no matter how big or small you think it is. It can be anything that means something to you. You should want to make the most of the time of you have by managing it correctly to achieve the goals you set for yourself. Having a purpose and staying productive will be a key contributor to combatting the end of summer blues!


Don’t give up and don’t be disheartened by things you can’t control. Everyone at KWEZI has faith in you and believes that you can achieve it all…even in the winter!


Use this week to work on your inner sexy so that you can be impactful in all that you do!


**DISCLAIMER** this is by no means medical advice, please seek professional help if you are struggling.


With Love,


-JK x

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