11- What's in this fall?

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Hello Readers,

In London it hasn’t really felt like summer and all of a sudden it’s coming to an end! With fall fast approaching, our favourite time of year, we finally get an opportunity to really showcase our style with coats, boots and amazing statement pieces. We thought we would share our fall predictions and hopefully inspire your fall wardrobe

1. Lace

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Lace is undeniably sexy and the perfect sheer fall statement. This is our no1 closet must have this fall. Lace everything! Tops, skirts, dresses and even trousers! Think about adding an accent to a blazer or a mini skirt if your in the mood to D-I-Y. Lace paired with some tights and boots could really take your fall pieces from day to night effortlessly and elegantly!


2. Deep Rich Tones

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Purple, Brown, Gold, Red. Royal Colours. Throughout the year we have seen people experiment with bold and bright colours. We think these same feelings will translate into fall. The fashion space will be steering away from black, and will be gravitating to earthy tones, royal reds and deep purples. Essentially, any colour that pairs well with gold. This really doesn’t seem like a silver accessories season!


3. The Lapel Collar Coat.

image iamkevinwong.com /BACKGRID -Lori Harvey.

If you are wondering about the coat of the season. It’s her. Last year we had the rise of the trench coat. This year we are seeing a full circle moment for the lapel collar, they are resurfacing and here at KWEZI we are just happy to witness it. Feel free to express yourself by experimenting with the coat in different colours, fabrics and textures. If you haven’t got one, we suggest you do! This is a fall wardrobe staple that can stand years in your wardrobe. A must have!


4. Wool Hats!

Channelling fall in the big apple! We’ve seen beanies come ‘in’ but we think they will be on their way out. With KWEZI being heavily inspired by 2000’s rom coms. Our beanies will be in bin and we will be taking on wooly hats. Maybe it’s something to think about…it may be more flattering than you think!

Make this fall your own with KWEZI

Use this week to think of the messages you want your fashion to translate this fall! What is it giving? Release your inner muse! 

With Love,

-JK x

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