18- Breaking the stereotype: What is considered sexy?

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Hello Readers,

I want to start by saying thank you to everyone who shopped last Thursday. You made this launch week incredible. There is still a chance for you to get your hands on Camille, with a few available for pre-order. Happy Shopping! 

Let’s get into it…

Sexy. Elegant. Impactful. This blog is here to help you achieve these three aspects, so we must delve into what it means to be sexy, elegant and impactful. In this week’s love note we will be focusing on sexy. What it means to be sexy, how to achieve it and learn about societies standards of sexy and how being sexy can be individual to you.

In my opinion, being sexy is a feeling. However, it has become subjective. There are physical attributes that society deems sexy but, that doesn’t make an individual feel sexy. According to Kwezi, sexy means confidence, physically feeling and looking your best while radiating positive energy and being comfortable in one’s self. This all stems from understanding your power as a woman. You have the power to control all these things and that’s what sexy is.

Now, how does one achieve sexy. As I said sexy is understanding you’re in control of you. So, what can you do to change how you’re feeling. The best way I have found I increase my confidence is placing myself in uncomfortable situations, and simply faking it. Recently, I’ve been trying to increase my eye contact. I struggle with looking people directly in the eyes and I have been practicing with easy targets. This sounds horrible, but it’s true. I find it’s easier to become more comfortable with people whose opinions don’t matter to me. In most cases, this is strangers I know I will never see again. Give it a try.

Furthermore, How you dress and your health go hand in hand with how sexy you feel. You have to make sure you feel and think healthy in order to feel your best. Wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable, confident and empowered. You may not feel sexy everyday but that’s okay, it is something you are in control of.

Society pushes the message that certain body types, personalities, physical attributes, statuses and positions are what makes a person sexy. This is due to the image created by men and tolerated by women. Men’s ideals have been defining women’s beauty standards for centuries. From Victorians who thought rosebud lips made a sensuous mouth to the Greeks who believed your face proportions defined your beauty. 

It is essential we remember ‘sexy’ or ‘beautiful’, according to society, is influenced by the trend at the time. (Romm, 1987). 

Your sexiness and your power is individual to you. I hate to be the cringe stereotype, however, ‘beauty comes from within’. You need to find what sexy means to you, look for when you feel your best and run towards that emotion. That’s when you’ll feel most confident and radiate the sexy energy you feel inside. I’m rooting for you!

Use this week to do one thing that makes you feel sexy.

-With Love 

JK x