05- The Ultimate Packing Guide

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This week’s topic is The Ultimate Packing Guide. I hate feeling lost when I start to pack for a big trip. Constantly not knowing how or where to start means I am a serial over-packer. How is one supposed to fit 7 days of outfits in only 23kg? Honestly, I don’t know myself, but here’s how I pack effectively and never forget anything. Better safe that sorry right?

Some would say it’s the virgo in me, but I cannot do anything without a good list. I split my lists into the following categories:

  • Tech Goodies
  • Hand Luggage Items (A change of clothing, should always be in your hand luggage)
  • Make-Up Goodies
  • Haircare Goodies
  • Face Skincare Goodies 
  • Body Skincare Goodies
  • Jewellery
  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Hats & Shades
  • Night Wear
  • Travel Outfits
  • Clothing by Day 
  • Clothing by Night
  • Good Basics (These are just in case essentials, white tees, jeans, shorts, hoodies)
  • Intimates/ Lingerie

Dependant on Location…

  • Swimwear
  • Breakfast Outfits
  • Gym-wear

Now the logistics are out of the way, what are you packing…outfit wise? As it’s summer, let us help you decide on your vibe for a hot vacay. You want to find pieces that best express your individual style. A combination of statement and staple pieces. However, the common goal is longevity. 

The pieces your purchasing should be able to be used again a minimum of 4 times. So investment pieces could be an avenue you go down. Thrifting is also a great idea, there is so much to discover. 

When building my holiday outfits, I start with statement pieces and build my outfit around them. Once you have your main outfits together, the best way to maximise your roster is by stacking up on staples. White tee’s, Denim, Vests and block colour bikinis.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes. Similar rules apply, but you can never go wrong with stilettos in gold, silver and a bold colour. My 2023 summer stiletto colour of choice is Red. You will be surprised how much red goes with, and there is no colour more Sexy, Elegant and Impactful to grace your feet this summer. 

Let us know how your packing goes!

Use this week to wear shoes that make you feel Sexy, Elegant & Impactful.

-Xo, JK