40- Trend Predictions - Spring/Summer 2024

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Hello my loves, 

For us in the UK, it’s a bank holiday holiday weekend and it’s the first reminder that summer is around the corner. It’s not long till the sun will be out and we will be outside on wooden tables sipping an Aperol Spritz! We thank God because this winter couldn’t end soon enough. I have got sick one too many times, been stuck outside in the soaking rain, and genuinely overall 'weather-sad'. Today’s entry is something that I never get wrong…Fashion Trends. 

You know I always keep it short and sweet, so let’s get right into it. 

  1. The Pastels

The return of the pastels. Black has been our safe space for too long it’s time to let go of the old and usher in the new season with some pastel pieces! The colours: turquoise, yellow, pink and mint green!

2. Strapless Dresses/ Tops

A moment for your décolletage and your back. The most daring parts of a woman’s body, in my opinion. The ultimate sexy. You will be in them this summer.

3. Khaki’s

An elevated luxury wardrobe staple. For an acquired taste but classic nevertheless. Channelling Elizabeth James from Parent Trap, the khakis are a summer wardrobe staple, especially for a hot day to a cold night transition.

4. Cherry to Fire Engine Red

Last fall we were suffocated with cherry red nails, bags, coats, phone cases and kitten heels. This spring/ summer the mob wives are getting brighter, as we move from a cherry red to afire engine red. 

5. Linen

Linen is never the first choice because it always gets crumpled after a 30-minute car journey. However, the fabrics' rustic 70s feel and airy nature will win our hearts. A subtle chic, perfect for a wooden bench and canned pornstar martini.

6. Dungarees

Is this something the girlfriend of a palaeontologist would wear? Yes. Our fashion girl Rachel Greene set the dungaree wave and this is the year it comes back. We have seen double denim on the rise, washed denim and distressed denim but not the dungaree yet. I can see the girls either keeping it Casual or elevating the glorified jumpsuit with a pair of kitten mules and a dangerous earring. This year’s outlandish return.

7. Flowers in Hair

The Delicate Queen. That is the theme. How much more delicate can you be? Aww! stop!

8. Floor Length Gowns

Nothing screams summer more than a lightweight floor-length gown. The girls with places, weddings, parties, picnics, and brunches to go to this summer. Get a few, all solid colours, they will be your saving grace. Alternate the jewellery and you’re good to go!

9. Kitten Heels

This is something I pray about every day. I hope we all wear kitten heels this summer and leave the flats behind! I can see it coming! Fingers crossed! The vintage kitten heel brands are everywhere.

10. Arm Jewellery

How else are you going to elevate that strapless moment? I can’t remember the last time I wore a necklace. I can see myself decorating my arms this year!

I hope you enjoyed this! This could be your sign to avoid these 10 predictions or fully commit to them! Either way, your fashion is your own!!! Can’t wait to see what you all put on!

With Love,

-JK x