28- Happy New Year!

Hello My Loves!


It’s the first if the month! It’s a Monday, and I am extremely happy to be here. 2024. Wow. This feels good. I waited till midnight to write this entry so you can have a live reaction of how it feels to be in the new year.

Kwezi’s theme this year is peace and prosperity. Our pieces will bring you peace and prosperity. Can I get an AMEN???!!! Hahahahaha! We will definitely design something with those word in mind at some point. For now, we want to usher in the new year with something chill. Just a quick hello, and an update from us, about what you can expect from the blog, and from the brand this year.

Firstly, we want to hear from our ‘Sexy Elegant Impactful’ audience about your thoughts for the blog, as well as your ideas on who you would like us to interview! Yes, this year, we plan to feature some special guests, just to spice it up a little. Please leave us a comment below, and subscribe to our email list to stay in the loop.

As for our collections, we have so much to share with you. We are so excited for the Season of Love, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. So that’s everything. WE ARE EXCITED FOR EVERYTHING!

Most importantly, we are here. We will be the constant this year. When you think of nice things, Kwezi will pop into your mind. We are here to stay. Our 2-year anniversary is on February 10th! We are giving you everything this year; more love; more looks; more love notes; and a safe space to achieve all your wildest dreams. 

So that’s how we fit in your year, don’t forget us!

Join us next week for ENTRY 28- ‘Set the Tone’.

Use this week to be sexy, elegant and impactful my loves!!!

With Love,

-JK x