23- Kwezi's Favourites!

Hello Readers,

It's timeeeee! Our monthly segment ‘Kwezi’s favourites’, where we share 5 of our favourite products every last Monday of the month. We want to shine a light on other pioneers and their innovations with products that advocate for the betterment of your life, self-care and wardrobe.

It will always be short and sweet…

1. A Fashion Item: Celine Regular High Bridge Fit - CL40238U

This month's fashion item is a gorgeous pair of Celine shades. It is the perfect opportunity to make a subtle fashion statement. The pair are classy, timeless and a wardrobe staple that I am currently crushing over!

2. A read: Atomic Habits by James Clear

A must-read! It is extremely insightful into breaking the habits we don’t realise are the biggest obstacles to our development.

3. A tech goodie: Reading Light Book Lamp

I love the smell of a good book and often find myself putting my kindle down. This nifty find makes reading so much more worth while. A new take on reading in the dark that I highly recommend!

4. A Makeup/Skincare product: Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop Blur & Smooth Tint Stick

I have been on the hunt for a creamy, bendable alternative for my current contour stick and I have found it! It’s intended purpose is a foundation stick but it is such a melanin friendly cream contour alternative. I could not resist.

5. A haircare must have: Byredo Gypsy Water Hair Perfume

I recently discovered hair perfume is a thing?!?!!! Am I late to the party? & the gag is they have most of your favourite scents in a hair perfume. It is essential and will have you smelling like a dream.


I hope this was short, sweet, fun and informative!

Use this week to indulge in a feel-good purchase!

-With Love,

JK x