46- Kwezi's Favourites

Hello my loves!

First Monday of the month! We’ve missed you, with last week being a bank holiday we didn’t get a chance to do our monthly segment, Kwezi’s Favourites, it's where we share 5 of our favourite products every last Monday of the month. We want to shine a light on other pioneers and their innovations with products that advocate for the betterment of your life, self-care and wardrobe.

It will always be short and sweet!

1. A Fashion Item: Skims Everyday Push-Up Bra

I wish I could show you guys how good my boobs look in this bra! Not to mention how insane the material feels on my skin. In the last article, we discussed intimates so I did go out and get some more lingerie. Kim did not disappoint!

2. A read: Everything I know about love by Dolly Alderton

I am doing this one as an audiobook. This book feels so safe and so relatable. Super easy to follow and just enjoyable. 

3. Random Pick: Aperol Spritz

WOW, WOW, WOW, as a Cosmo girl through and through, I have been spun by this drink. The sun’s out and now we’re in places which won’t always serve a good cosmo, e.g. pubs and bistros. A friend invited me to join the Aperol club and I can tell you, I love it here. It’s so refreshing and satisfying but has a hint of dryness. My drink of summer!

4. A Makeup/ Skincare product: Clothes Freshening Mist by M&S

I don’t know if this is considered a scent. But if you want to smell like fresh laundry, this is it. It smells like you’ve just stepped out of the machine.10/10 and smelling fresh is my vibe these days, sometimes perfumes are just too much. I spray it on my clothes, not on me!

5. A hair care must-have: Dry Shampoo

As a new member of the sew-in club, I can say this is essential. I don’t know what my life was like without it. This is disruptive innovation right here, whoever came up with it needs a noble prize. 

6. A track: Feathers by Sabrina Carpenter

Miss Sabrina Carpenter. She is in her season right now, I can’t get enough! My current happy song. The type of song that makes you want to skip down the street singing. Have a lovely week my loves!

I hope this was short, sweet, fun and informative!

Use this week to indulge in you!

With Love,

-JK x

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