42- Our favourite womenswear brands!

Hello My Loves, 

I am settling into a new writing schedule, so today is Tuesday, which is different from my usual Sunday night. I have had a super productive morning, a 3k run to the gym, leg day and now I’m sitting here talking to you, so it couldn’t be a better morning! I hope your Monday morning is going well! First, an update, our summer releases are so close to done and I know it’s been a while since we have released a new product but we are coming in hot this summer, and we wanted to be prepared! Thank you for staying with us, we will not disappoint! Our first release is flattering for all the girls, so pretty and delicate…I wonder what you’re imagining…

Let’s get into it! Today I am shining a light on some of my favourite brands to keep you going till our next release! These amazing brands inspire me as a founder and create some amazing pieces that will serve the test of time in your wardrobe! Some old, some new but I’ve been obsessed with them all lately, and they are all perfect for the vibes this summer.

1.Millie Jane

instagram: @milliejanelondon

2.Hanifa Official

instagram: @hanifaofficial

3.Arcina Ori

instagram: @arcinaori

4.Odd Muse


5.Fifth House Muse

instagram: @fifthhousemuse

6.Rat and Boa

instagram: @ratandboa

7.Sid Neigum

instagram: @sidneigum

8.Natalie Rolt

instagram: @natalierolt

9.Amy Shehab

instagram: @amyshehab_official

and of course...


instagram: @bykwezi

Use this week to start brainstorming your summer wardrobe!

-With Love,

JK x

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