35- Kwezi's Monthly Favourites!

Hello my loves!

Our monthly segment ‘Kwezi’s favourites’ is where we share 5 of our favourite products every last Monday of the month. We want to shine a light on other pioneers and their innovations with products that advocate for the betterment of your life, self-care and wardrobe.

It will always be short and sweet…

1. A Fashion Item: Mango - Short Fur Effect Jacket

I have definitely been loving Mango recently. This coat has become a new staple in my wardrobe. It can be dressed up or dressed down, is extremely warm. An added bonus is it pairs well with our ‘Camille’- Navy Dress. 

2. A read: One Day - David Nicholls

I am still reading this, I decided to pick it up after I finished the Netflix series. I have been in need of a book that I am hooked on and after I finished the series I was in tears. I hoped I would get the same effect from the book, but that is yet to be decided. 

3. A Tech Goodie: Vouge Runway App

This is my favourite app at the moment. Fashion Month is my favourite time of year as I get to see all the art the designers have created. The app provides each brand’s looks from the runway presentation, shortly after the show! It also has runway photos that date back to 1988, making it a great place to find inspiration. 

4. A Make Up/ Skincare product: Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm

I was pleasantly surprised by this product. I did not expect it to be good, I actually only bought it because the colour and packaging was nice but it is unbelievably hydrating and does not give you that skinny feel I hate. 

5. A hair care must-have: Tangle Teezer, The Ultimate Detangler Brush

A hair care staple and so gentle on my hair and scalp. That’s all, it’s great.

6. A track: Truth or Dare by Tyla

Grammy Award Winning. Tyla. I love this song and I love young women reaching new heights and setting new bars. This song is all the pressure. Honestly, it makes you feel SEXY ELEGANT AND IMPACTFUL. She is definitely all the rage. 

I hope this was short, sweet, fun and informative!

Use this week to indulge in you!

With Love,

-JK x

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