07- What does the colour you gravitate towards say about you?

Hello Readers, 

This read came about after an encounter I had with a red dress. As an honorary black clothes-aholic, I was surprised that I found myself gravitating towards this red dress. The thought of wearing something other than my dark safe colours was scary but tempting. The red dress evoked feelings of power, I started fantasising about being fierce memorable and just sexy. So it got me thinking…here at KWEZI we are all about the importance of the meaning behind our fashion choices. 

In today’s love note we will explore what the colours we gravitate towards tell us about our feelings and personality and how those colours may affect our confidence. You will be glad to know I will be wearing red more often and here’s why…


1. Red 

The colour red is associated with excitement, passion, danger, energy and action (Ferreira, 2023). This could be the reason why I felt powerful when it came to the red dress, almost dangerous. The danger associated with the colour is probably what led to the fear I was feeling. Red is such a bold colour, you can’t miss it. Wear red when you want to feel sexy, dangerous and powerful.


2. Purple

Purple is a very deep colour with connections to power, nobility, luxury, wisdom and spirituality (Ferreira, 2023). This is why KWEZI used it for our ‘Justine’ dress, the colour purple has themes of elegance and exudes class. Purple is rich in meaning and holds weight. Wear purple if you want to feel elegant, impactful, important, knowledgeable and memorable. 


3. Blue

Blue is associated with water, so as you can imagine it’s descriptors are stability, harmony, peace, calm and trust (Ferreira, 2023). Blue is the perfect colour for a subtle statement. Wear blue if you want to be the source of tranquility in a room and be prepared for people to gravitate towards you. 


4. Yellow 

Happiness, positivity, optimism and summer (Ferreira, 2023). Yellow can brighten up any room. It is the perfect colour if you are looking to shine and have everyone feeling happy to see you. People’s memory of you will always be joyful in yellow. Wear yellow if you want to be radiant and put a smile on someones face. 


5. Pink 

Pink is the colour I like to put on when I’m feeling playful. The colour pink is said to be very feminine, loving, playful, compassionate and confident (Ferreira, 2023). During my research, I found that in my case this is true; brands have marketed this colour to us, as feminine and youthful. Pink represents the side of us we want to bring out sometimes to be safe or liked. Wear Pink if you want to connect with your feminine side, as well as your youth. Be prepared to have women to gravitate towards you. It is a very powerful colour, with links to its ‘mummy’ colour - Red.


6. Black

Now for my favourite, Black. I was so happy to read this description, because it is everything I feel when I wear it. Black is symbolic of mystery, power, elegance and sophistication (Ferreira, 2023). It all makes sense. Not only is black slimming but it has very powerful messaging that sometimes is enough to get you noticed, and sometimes just allows you to remain mysterious. However, in black your presence is always felt. Wear black if you want to feel SEXY, ELEGANT and IMPACTFUL!


I hope you all enjoyed this read. I know I learnt a lot about myself writing it. I hope it inspires you to try a new colour. Tell us how the colour makes you feel once you wear it in the comments.

Use this week to take a risk in one of these impactful colours. 


With Love,

-JK x

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