04- A Successful Morning Routine

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Hello lovely readers, 

Success is subjective, but I’m sure this morning routine will take you close. Morning Routine’s have many benefits. Improved overall health; productivity; stress relief and increased happiness. Creating routine helps you become intentional with your day and provides you the structure to reach your full potential. 

Today we are sharing with you, our Founder, Justine Kwezi’s morning routine that helps her reach optimum productivity. Hopefully it helps you! 


Step 1: Get straight up!

This means get out of bed. Lay your bed. Don’t scroll on Instagram. Don’t check TikTok. Open the curtains, once your up there’s no going back!


Step 2: Fuel your body!

Fuel for me is usually a banana or a ginger shot! The kick of the shot or the sugar in the banana get’s me awake. It also gives me the strength to begin my workout.


Step 3: Sunlight!

I saw a TikTok where someone said, in the mornings, the first thing they do is make a b-line for sunlight. I have never been the same since. I didn’t realise how much this would help me mentally and physically. I start most days with a 5k run. You can walk, sit outside and reflect or even just stand by a window for a few minutes. When I skip this step my days are usually not as productive.


Step 4: Exercise

Exercise doesn’t have to be physically taxing, you can just stretch or do light exercise like walking. However, being in touch with your body and actively improving your health in the morning is important!


Step 5: Breakfast

A high fibre breakfast is always best! Fibre aids digestion. Skipping breakfast is risking your body being weak, especially on busier days. Get breakfast out the way, because if worst case you miss lunch, it will avoid you going the whole day without the correct nutrients. How can your body be at it’s best if it isn’t fuelled correctly? 


Step 6: Look and Feel Your Best

Whether I’m staying home or going out I have a good shower in the mornings. Most importantly, I take the time to oil my body, pick my scent and decide on an outfit that will make me look and feel my best. My clothing is a big contributor to my mood, make the effort even if your at home or just running errands. You will notice how your productivity and mood throughout the day will change. 

Again wise words from TikTok…uncomfortable now, comfortable later. 

The first week is always the hardest, especially if your waking up earlier. Remember what’s important here, and it’s not the self sabotage between you and your goals. 

Implement this routine and comment how it goes,

Use this week to be Impactful!


-Xo, JK

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