01- Navigating Your Wardrobe: In 4 Steps

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Written by Justine Kwezi.

Welcome to the First Entry of Sexy, Elegant, Impactful. Where KWEZI leaves you a love note every Monday, helping you navigate the world and look good doing it. This blog is a safe space full of short reads, letting you know you're not alone.

Before tackling the world, let us tackle your wardrobe.

Your wardrobe holds more weight than you give it credit. Anyone can form an opinion about you purely based on your choice of accessories. Your clothing is your message. Ultimately, what you have on is how you're received...before you even open your mouth.

Let’s set the scene…you want your clothing to be neat, put together, memorable, flattering, IMPACTFUL and most importantly speak to who you are. Here we go:

1. Inventory.

Take a good look through your wardrobe. What do you have? What can you re-purpose or donate? Sort your clothes into seasons & all-year-round essentials. This is the best place to start. You might even find a hidden gem you bought 3 years ago but have never worn, GUILTY! Evaluate what you have, how does the clothing you currently own make you feel?


2. Show up as her!

This is the perfect opportunity to experiment. My top tip is to make the effort to dress up every day, no matter the occasion. Stay clear of your gym wear for a month. This will help you decide what clothing makes you feel good and what is received well by others. Use this as an opportunity to be memorable, try a different vibe every week and just have fun. No one defines your style but you, your individuality will always shine superior. 


3. Versatile Investments!

 You want any new clothes to have more than one function. Don’t just buy it to wear it once or else you will be in this spiral forever. Think of at least 3 different scenarios you can wear that item in. Invest in quality, we want longevity with the item’s life cycle. Not only are you doing your part as an environmental steward, but you are creating a wardrobe that can withstand anything. Who said an outfit can’t change the world?

Here’s a challenge: Invest in one statement piece and create a few outfit’s around it using wardrobe staples.


4. As a last resort…

Social Media is extremely over-saturated and can often lead you astray from your own creative voice. However, as a last resort, looking to some of your favourite influencers may help you. Look to a range of influencers rather than just one, so you can incorporate different things to make your style your own. You are not trying to become a photocopy of your favourite influencer, that is not original and quite frankly sad. Influencers can be good guidance just be careful.


You are important. Your fashion choices are important. Your light is radiant. KWEZI sees you, that’s why we're here.  

Use this week to be Sexy, Elegant & Impactful.

 -Xo JK.

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Love this, always looking for a way for my presence to be more impactful, without saying anything. Staples all the way !


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