44- The Fashion Cheat Code

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It’s been a while since we’ve had something wordy, not just because of the bank holiday but because we haven’t had a deep conversation in a while! Today, we are discussing the fashion cheat code! We’re breaking it down! First of all, how did we get here…

The main reason I started this brand was because I felt confined by my fashion choices, and as soon as I cracked the code I wanted to share it with you all and that’s why we have KWEZI! I understand reaching a pivotal age, point in life, milestone and suddenly becoming lost in life and your wardrobe. Not only does your body change but your taste changes and you just want to gravitate to whatever feels best. At my pivotal point, I shaved my hair, bleached it blonde and suddenly switched my style to become way more dangerous. It was like I left one box and entered another and I just hated the way I looked and felt even more.

I wanted to find what was me, what made me feel sexy and comfortable in my body. So I went to different stores, tried on different clothes and made notes on how different necklines, silhouettes and pieces made me feel. I did the same with my wardrobe, I went through and this time, I noted down adjectives. I gave every look 3 adjectives, for example…Sexy, Elegant, Impactful. This meant when I was deciding what to wear I just had to decide on my mood and how I wanted to feel or how I wanted to be perceived that day. It solved all my problems.

Even if I didn’t have the outfit I just decided on my 3 adjectives and that helped me find the outfit I needed. The biggest plus is this is all based on how things make you feel. So it will always be authentic to you and will allow you the experiment with your fashion choices while still staying true to your character and that is exactly what’s important here. We know fashion translates a message for you, it speaks to your personality and allows people to make an opinion about you, so you must make your outfits count! You must feel confident in them and let that exude to everyone who gets the pleasure to witness them. That’s it, that’s the cheat code. I want you to try it, decide on your mood with 3 adjectives and then let that determine your outfit. Your life will change. My mood this wardrobe week is Delicate, Serene and Warm! What are yours?

Comment them down below! We would love to see some of you interact!

Use this week to exercise your right to be style-conscious! Give your fashion some thought!

With Love

-JK x

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