34- Hello From NYC: Fashion Week & Self-Exploration

taken on Brooklyn Bridge.

Hello My Loves,
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This week I am in New York for New York Fashion Week! Pinch Me! It is completely unreal to be in one of the biggest fashion capitals in the world during one of the most important weeks of the year! (Haha…one could argue!). As a fashion designer and blog writer you can imagine, I am over the moon.

Not only is it my first fashion week but it’s my first solo trip, and my first time in New York. Honestly, travelling solo and navigating New York has to be a whole other article because there’s a lot to unpack. In summary, it is a lot like the movies and in other ways, it is extremely overly glamorised.

Today, I had the most serene day to close out my trip. I spent my day watching the ducks in Central Park while eating the most incredible cookie from Levain Bakery, their walnut chocolate chip cookie has my heart. I have never felt so at peace and still. I consider my life very busy and this is exactly what I needed. I thought I would share some happiness before I got into what I was thinking about. I was thinking about this article and what my takeaway from this trip would be. What can I share with you that would be of value in your navigation of the craziness of this world?

The first is fashion week orientated. I got to thinking about the dynamic of fashion week. This week I have witnessed the most incredible innovation, participation and quite simply art in the streets of New York. The display of the fashion itself is always exquisite. I think the most important question that needs to be asked to people who want to attend fashion week is, what are you bringing to the space? I have always strived and still am striving to be able to present my work at any fashion week. I know one day my innovation and art, as well as my writing, will contribute to the space, however, as a bystander, I found myself losing interest.

This is completely my own opinion but once I had drooled over the amazing work in the exhibitions, attended a few parties and made some connections, I just became tired. Honestly, It just made me more hungry to get what I have going quicker so I would feel like I have more to contribute to the space. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great opportunity to network and be ‘in the room’, but you will soon realise everyone is there for a reason. Whether you are a buyer, writer, friend there to support, celebrity/influencer. You are there for a reason. It is amazing, that the core meaning is the same after all these years. On social media, you may see your favourite influencer there and wish that was you, but they are there to work. If it’s still a space you want to be in, think about what you bring to the space and you may be closer than you think.

My second takeaway from this trip is the importance of self-exploration. Push your limits. I am begging you to go on at least one solo trip before you settle down. The peace and elegance that come with being by yourself and on your own time are unmatched. It will remind you of your boundaries and how you are a priority. We are often distracted by people and fall into the trap of always altering ourselves to make people feel more comfortable. A solo trip is your opportunity to be unapologetic. There is so much out there in this world. I realised on this trip, that you are not confined by anything in your current life. Not by your friends, not by your job, not by your current environment. You can start fresh and experience new things. You always have a choice. There are some journeys that we have to take alone and I am so grateful to be fortunate enough to experience a trip like this. I now know that I haven’t seen anything yet, I will keep pushing my boundaries, venture to new places, make new friends and ultimately always have the freedom to choose how I will handle a situation. This is your sign to book that trip! I am here cheering you on.

Spend this week deciding what in your life is a priority for you, without all the noise.

With Love
-JK x

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