21- Shoe Politics!

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Hello Readers,

Sorry I’m late. It’s been a crazy few weeks trying to organise Camille for you all. I can’t wait for them to arrive. You are going to love them! In sadder news, there are only 34 pink dresses left and we won’t be restocking them in the near future! Due to material shortages. For those who have ordered, you are one of the lucky few and for those who haven’t yet now’s your chance. She just gets more exclusive, Happy Shopping! We hope you will love her!

Ok, lets go! Shoe Politics! What do your shoes say about you? The average person would say shoes are only for functional purposes; comfort, protection and safety. However, we aren’t average and shoes have so many purposes. They make an entire look, they elevate any outfit and they say so much about you. Shoes today are an indication of personality, culture and social and financial status. People spend thousands on shoes simply because it makes them feel good and increases their perceived value. Who doesn’t want their shoes to be admired. Guilty.

Just like your outfits your shoes should speak to your mood, personality and generally who you are or want to be. Here are some shoes with their adjectives. The adjectives are a reflection of how I feel when I wear these shoes, these could be different for you. However, if you’re struggling with your shoe choice here’s where you can start.

1. The Relaxed Trainers

pintrest @vistavie

Casual, Chic, Subtle.

2. The Elevated Trainers

pintrest @ShaDeenah

Neat, Compact, Trendy.

3. The Sexy Stiletto

pintrest @shaami_a7

Sexy, Feminine, Influential.

4. The Brunch Sandal


Comfortable, Delightful, Confident

5. The Casual Sandal

pinterest @jasparagathe

Fashionable, Reliable, Elevated

6. The Winter Staple

pintrest @canselsevim33

Cosy, Safe, Pleasant

7. Puss in Boots

Tom Melnelt / Splash News

Respected, Seductive, Effective

8. The She Means Business Pump

pintrest @missaccardo

Sexy, Elegant, Impactful

9. The Memorable Mule

instagram @matildadjerf

Memorable, Creative, Appreciated

10. The Kitten Queen

pintrest @lovedbyjade_vintage

Genuine, Playful, Convenient 


As always, I hope this was useful. I appreciate you all! Our DM’s are always open! 

Use this week to make your shoe wardrobe someones dream! 

With Love,

-JK x

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