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I know we are all anticipating the release of ‘Camille’ and I promise I won’t keep you waiting much longer. In the meantime, we have something closer to home this week. Kwezi’s Why? We are more than just clothing and this article will delve more into what we as a brand are about and hopefully help you with your fashion journey.

Fashion is your superpower.

Fashion is more than just clothing, you know this simply because of how you feel in different pieces of clothing. Our fashion holds weight, it is a form of expression, boosts confidence, helps our well-being, forms social interactions and translates a message for us. So why would you give this power to someone else? Here at Kwezi, we aim to reinforce the importance of your fashion choices and encourage you to express yourself through the confidence you have in your style. We create looks that translate different messages and speak to different personalities so that you have the freedom to choose what you want your fashion to say about you and who you are.

It is also important to know you do not have to make one decision about your fashion, it can change based on your mood, day, and environment. You can have multiple vibes. Your fashion is a journey and this love note is a reason why you should navigate it.

Let it translate a message for you.

Very intentionally, clothes send out a message for you. People can form an option on you purely based on your choice of accessories. For example, if you’re going to dinner with friends, two options a classic dinner jacket paired with an LBD or a maxi pink satin moment complimented with some gold accessories. Option one says, simple statement, classic, timeless and chic, whereas option two says playful, classy and modest. These are messages that are already pre-decided by society but you can alter the message or decide what message you want to send by being in control of your fashion choices.

Doing your bit for the environment.

Your fashion choices can also have a positive effect on the planet. Trends usually involve mass production and result in huge amounts of textile waste as they never last long. Textile waste generates toxic gases that pollute our planet, due to the way they were made. Opting for slower fashion brands that create timeless clothing that can last years in your wardrobe and speak to your style is a lot better for the environment than an item you bought for an occasion because it was ‘in’ at the time. However, again, this is a choice you have to make.

Fashion as Therapy.

Kwezi means ‘light in the darkness’ or ‘moonlight’. Fashion can quite literally be your, Kwezi. The journey, having fun and curating looks can be empowering and a form of self-love. These are some ways you can practice this…

1. Go shopping alone.
2. Create outfit mood boards and label them with 3 adjectives that may best describe the message they would translate.
3. Stop asking your friends on a night out ‘What are you wearing?’ instead show up in what you want to wear.
4. Plan your buy, shopping in advance can eliminate impulsive ‘one-wear’ purchases
5. Use trends as a way to inspire your thinking about how you may make something your own.

Fashion is a reflection of your identity and requires thought, attention and nurturing. When you stand before your closet dream big about the possibilities, confidence and the story your fashion will tell. You are in control.

Use this week to be sexy, elegant and impactful because you make the rules…

-With Love,

JK x

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