13- Our founder's 7 best kept beauty secrets!

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Hello Readers, 

Hope you are all well. Welcome back to Sexy, Elegant, Impactful, where we help you navigate the world one love note at a time. This week, we have something short but sweet for you, my best kept beauty secrets and a glimpse into my foundation to looking and feeling my best. I hope you give one of these a try!


1. The Miracle Gel!

This has to be number one, as most of the time it is the solution to my problems. Rash? Contact Dermatitis? Your skin just not feeling it’s best? My solution for you is Aloe Vera Gel. I don’t drink it, I apply it. It has come to my rescue one too many times and without a doubt I use it before any major events. I usually leave it on overnight on my face and in the morning I have a fresh canvas. Aloe has many benefits, it soothes, slows ageing, tightens, hydrates and fades dark marks. It is definitely holy grail.

2. Baby-care is not just for babies?

Who doesn’t want to have skin as smooth as a babies? This is something I recently discovered after trying Nala’s Baby Nighttime Oil. This product has transformed the texture and health of my skin on my body completely. Not only is the product totally clean and derived 99% from natural ingredients, but it makes my skin feel amazing. I will definitely be trying more baby care and I will be back with feedback. 

3. You can’t just cleanse your face.

Body Cleansing. I mix a cleansing gel with my shower gel to ensure my skin is always at it’s best. The cleanser I use is from Boots, in the UK, and it’s the Vitamin C Body Cleansing Gel. I do this for the feeling it gives me after I shower. I feel as though my pores are clear of any heavy oils or dirt that we all accumulate throughout the day. It leaves me feeling smooth and helps with my overall glow, this could be due to the vitamin C in the product but also the extra cleansing aids a healthy glow.

4. Squalene.

I am someone who suffers from contact dermatitis often because I always want to try new things and Squalene is always my super hero. I use the Plant-Derived Squalene from The Ordinary. It is good to use over night just to regain moisture in your face and help rebuild the barrier that protects your skin. So if you react to everything like me, give it a try.

5. Pre-Summer Foot Peel.

I have never and will never get a foot bath with my pedicure. I have heard from multiple people that it dries out your feet and overall provides a temporary feeling of softness. I choose an annual Pre-Summer Foot Peel. The peel releases any dead skin and gives me the softness I require for the summertime. Just remember to use SPF post peel as, when you’re going out, you don't want to burn the fresh skin.

6. Trade the Gusha for your knuckles!

After my facial skincare routine, I always go in with my knuckles and fingers in sweeping motions to help define my facial features. You can google some motions you can perform on your face to help with that tighter, more defined look. It also helps with reducing inflammation on puffier days. 

7. Intimate Waxing

This is something very new to me so I don’t have much to say on it. However, I will never go back to self-waxing. I advise you all to try a hot wax and give me your thoughts. It’s the convenience as well as the experience. I will be back once I know more. 

P.S, it is not painful!

I hope this was informative, use this week to make sure you feel your best!

-With Love,


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