36- Sex and the City: What can we learn?

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If you follow us on TikTok or have been with the brand for a while, you will know we are ride-or-die Sex and the City fans! This show has shaped both my and the brand’s personality. The show has a combination of personalities that are so interesting. This is a show for women on their self-discovery path! If you put aside the obvious theme of sex, there are a lot of lessons to learn from these four women. In this love note, we will highlight valuable lessons and hopefully encourage you all to watch the show!

The premise of the show is 4 women discovering themselves and their sexuality in Manhattan. It is an amazing example of how women prioritise female friendships and lean on each other as they navigate their love lives, their careers and just being single women in a big city.

1. Self Love, Priority & Exploration

One thing we can learn from these women is that although they are all very different they are all very true to themselves and their values. This iconic quote from Samantha when she felt like she was losing herself is the perfect example of what that means. It is clear in the show what their values are Carrie, even though it took her a long time to get there, there was only one man for her. Charlotte, with her fairytale ending and Miranda with her career and need for a plan. Their inability to settle for less than what they needed and desired was admirable. It may mean they went through a lot of men but it was a part of exploration and discovering what their non-negotiables were. They learn't what they may need to remain the priority.

2. Find Love and Acceptance within your Friendships

Female Friendships are the purest forms of love. You don’t realise how much your friends play a part in your growth and discovery as an individual as well as are a safe-haven in what seems like such a confusing world. It feels like they know you better than anyone, and the therapy that the right friends can provide is unmatched. They may not be blood but are the family we choose. It is important to find people who may not always be on the same page as you but support you and love you nevertheless.

3. Definitions of Success & Career.

The main topics were love and relationships. However, the women we watched are all undeniably successful. Success looks different for all of them. Carrie may have been lost in love and piled with credit card debt but throughout the show, her career never got put on the back burner as a writer who wrote about a somewhat ‘taboo’ topic, she continued to grow. Charlotte’s definition of success was family and love and although she was a successful art dealer, she gave it up when she wanted to settle down to her, this is success. Success is subjective and takes all forms. Miranda was set on making a partner at her law firm, which she did while things weren’t going according to plan. Samantha was a PR Powerhouse, who never took no for an answer and her client list only got bigger.

What I’m getting at is, they still did what they needed to do to achieve and survive. Women often get put in a box, thinking they can’t do it all, but the show is an example of how although it may seem like a lot, things do work out. You don’t always have to give.

Find your balance…

Use this week to engage with your feel-good show!

With Love
-JK x

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