03- Deciding on Your Summer Wardrobe

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Hello Readers,

We hope you had a lovely bank holiday. We missed you! Something fresh for you this Monday Morning. No small talk. Recently, in the UK, the sun is out and summer is here! People are getting back in the gym, getting waxed and the mini’s are back. Here’s our short and sweet guide to your summer wardrobe! 

**Disclaimer, we are not here to list you the latest trends. KWEZI is here to support you being your best self, we want your personal style to shine! 



When it comes to matters of the wardrobe this will always be our first step. We accumulate so much clothing that we have to switch out our wardrobe seasonally. You may have bought clothing throughout the year to avoid the rush when summer reaches. Either way, you need to always evaluate the resources you have!

What vibe did you have last year? Do you have any versatile pieces that you can re-style this year? Is there anything you can donate, to make someone else’s summer?…Think about it.


Deciding on your vibe!

In society today, we are told by social media, what to wear, what suits us and what is socially acceptable. KWEZI has a few questions which will help you decide on this summer’s vibes.

This summer…

    1. Do you plan to explore more colours?
    2. Do you plan to explore more silhouettes?
    3. What statement/ investment pieces do you own that you can style in multiple ways?
    4. What about your style last year do you want to evolve?
    5. What materials are you currently into? Denim? Jersey? Silk? Sheer?
    6. What inspires your style? Are there any eras you love? Designers you love? Cultures you love?
    7. What shoes are you into?
    8. What are you doing to your hair? (This can be a great place to start)
    9. What have you got planned (activities, holidays, parties)?
    10. What clothing gives you the most confidence?


Safety Colours!

To take a risk this summer, steer clear from your safety colours. As an honorary black-clothes-aholic. I am going to do it with you. Recently, I challenged myself. I am not allowed to wear an outfit that consists of just black, initially other colours made me feel so uncomfortable. 

My first outfit was the KWEZI - ‘Justine’ Backless Satin Cut Drape Dress in Purple (see below). I got so many compliments and as the night went on, I really started feeling more confident and more comfortable. 


The summer rule I swear by for every day and holiday is gold jewellery. It is perfect for summer as it compliments all skin types, a range of coloured clothing, looks good when your tanned, glowy and really makes any outfit look expensive. I prefer dainty gold jewellery but there is a range of jewellery to choose from!



Flip-Flops are your best friend. Get as many colours as possible. Get your toes done and Get outside! In the summer, if I’m not in heels I’m in flip-flops the comfort is unmatched and they are affordable. Our faves are the Havaianas Slim!


If there is anything else you need help with, fill in our contact form - title it S-E-I, For a chance to be featured!

Use this week to shine unapologetically!

-Xo, JK

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