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Hello My Loves,

Today’s love note is all about luscious lips! Lip care is in!
Lip care has always been the favourite of my skincare routine. Healthy, soft lips add to your overall glow. You look so put together when your lips are happy. Keep reading to discover new tips and the benefits of prioritising your lips.

Firstly, Lip Scrub. This is a great lip exfoliant. They are often gentle and remove any dead skin cells from your lips while leaving them hydrated, rejuvenated and polished. My Lip Scrub of choice is the LUSH Cherry Lip Scrub. I have been using this product for years and can vouch it is amazing and made fresh with cherry kernel oil, caster sugar, shea butter, davana, lime, cocoa and almond oil. I love lush products as most of the ingredients are natural, with only a few safe synthetics.

A common time we all neglect our lips is during the summer and on holiday. Two years ago, I discovered that there is an SPF Lip Balm. I may be late to the party but, it truly is something that never occurred to me. Sun Exposure can be just as damaging to your lips as the winter months. SPF on your lips prevents the damage that the sun causes to your barrier, which leads to accelerated ageing, sunburn, and in extreme cases, an increase in common skin cancer cells. We always want our lips to be healthy. My product of choice is the Bondi Sands Lip Balm SPF 50+, it feels lush, lasts long and also makes your lips feel well-oiled.

The last in the series of my nighttime skincare routine is always my Lip Oil or Lip Vaseline. I do not go anywhere or do anything without my cocoa butter lip vaseline. It is essential. I tend to use Vaseline over oils, even in my nighttime skin care routine, as it adds shine; provides protection; and leaves my lips feeling nourished and restored. Lip Oils have similar qualities, they are just not a daytime preference for me.

Lastly, I have an extensive list of glosses, creams, lipsticks and balms that I swear by but I think that we should save it for another love note. What’s important to know is that these types of lip products, although, some are advertised with healthy oils, they are not always an advocate for lip health. They simply improve the appearance of your lips and actually can be quite drying and harsh when you take a deeper dive into their ingredients. They are fine for nights out and daytime usage but their purpose is not lip health. Some great brands like Topicals, Rhode, Fenty, Summer Fridays and more do consider your lip health, but do your research before committing.

I hope you found this fun and informative. My lips are my favourite thing after my wardrobe so I did!

Use this week to prioritise your lip health for sexy lips!!!!

With Love,

-JK x

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