20- How influential women send messages through fashion

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Happy Monday! In today’s love note we will look at influential women that unapologetically send messages through their fashion. As you know, fashion is a form of expression. KWEZI advocates for you to let your wardrobe speak for you. Fashion is more powerful than you think. You should be able to express yourself through the confidence you have in your style translating a message for you. Let these women be your sign, your fashion is your narrative!

1. The Revenge Dress


The most iconic fashion moment in history, the most famous LBD worn by the Princess of Wales. The dress was worn the day Prince Charles confessed to adultery. According to her stylist, Princess Diana had kept this dress in her wardrobe because she saw it as “too daring” and that day she wanted to look “like a million dollars.” This dress did that for her. Princess Diana is the original sexy, elegant and impactful woman who wanted her wardrobe to speak for her.  

2. Post-White House Michelle


Fashion isn’t just constrained to clothing. Michelle Obama is a pillar for black women worldwide. She discusses, with the Washington Post, about how she kept her hair straight during her time in the White House as Americans were just “getting adjusted” to a Black family in the White House, so therefore she kept her hair straight, as they “weren’t ready” for braids or natural hair. Since leaving the White House, she has embraced her natural hair. Michelle was aware of the image she was creating and how she was received. During her time as first lady, she understood the image she was trying to portray and used fashion to her advantage. We are loving Post-White House Michelle just as much as First Lady Michelle, we see freedom, comfort and a relatable queen as she experiments more with her style and hair!

3.Taking the Baby Bar by a storm!



We have all seen Kimberley push the boundaries of what is considered the 'norm.’ A mom, a lawyer, an influencer and a shape wear advocate her fashion message is constant. She remains true to her message, that she doesn’t have to be the standard image of a lawyer. She can post a bikini picture today and be in the office tomorrow. She is unapologetically herself, and her fashion translates that. The reason she is a worldwide trendsetter is because she is creating a path for women. Kim is showing people they don’t have to fit into one box. Your message could be so influential it changes the world. Don’t dim your light.

Use this week to shine your light unapologetically!

With Love,

-JK x

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