19- Kwezi's Favourites

Hello Readers,

I want to introduce our new monthly segment ‘Kwezi’s favourites’, where we share 5 of our favourite products every last Monday of the month. We want to shine a light on other pioneers and their innovations with products that advocate for the betterment of your life, self-care and wardrobe.

It will always be short and sweet…

1. A Fashion Item: ‘Camille’  (Click to Buy)

 This month's fashion item is Kwezi’s very own, Camille. It is the perfect feminine wardrobe staple and the stretch accommodates a range of sizes and shapes. We love the versatile queen!

2. A read: The Girls Who Disappeared: Claire Douglas

A must-read! I love the author’s cyclical writing style and the ability to keep all the answers a secret till the end. 

3. A tech goodie: Atumtek 1.3 Selfie Stick & Tripod

A must-have for all business owners and content creators. It is easy to carry, a tripod and a selfie stick and has a Bluetooth button.

4. A Makeup/Skincare product: The Ordinary: Plant-Derived Squalene

The only product I can’t live without in my nighttime routine this winter! It renews moisture and heals.

5. A haircare must have: Pattern Beauty Leave-in Conditioner

I hope this was short, sweet, fun and informative!

Use this week to indulge in a feel-good purchase!

-With Love,

JK x

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