37- Sleeping Beauty: How your sleep is affecting your lifestyle!

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Hello my loves!

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We have all have become a victim to sleep deprivation. I definitely have, daily! Thanks to a few podcasters I have become insanely aware to how detrimental lack of sleep is to my health. How can I really be my best self and function at an optimal level if I’m not getting enough sleep? That’s not very Sexy, Elegant or Impactful, therefore it’s not on brand.

The most obvious result of sleep deprivation is fatigue. You can’t be productive if you’re tired. You won’t retain information well, be alert, think well or complete tasks to the best of your ability. If you want to improve your overall performance with everything, start with your sleep!

The craziest thing I discovered in my research is that the reason you may not be loosing weight is because you aren’t sleeping or even just sleeping well? Firstly, your body produces more hormones when you are not sleeping, which increases your appetite. Secondly, for my gym babes, your muscles repair will diminish. You want to be building muscle as it burns fat. Last year, I decided to end the toxic cycle I have with simultaneous weight loss and gain and changed my lifestyle completely. I definitely notice the difference in my body when I have more sleep, which is why I find it so important.

I know sadly, just because of the way the world is set up I won’t always get the right amount of sleep. I don’t think you can unless sleep is your no 1 priority, however I do try and eventually I will get there. What helps is setting up your day and focusing on execution over procrastination. I find it helps me when I set up my environment and separate the spaces. One space for work, another for play and another just for sleep. For example, don’t work where you sleep and don’t play where you work, by play I mean aimlessly scroll on TikTok. Guilty!  This improved my sleep as I removed my usual triggers that were the cause of me sleeping late or sleeping badly. Now, almost immediately after I enter bed I am out like a light, that's because my body knows this place is where I sleep. 

Your environment plays into almost everything and the moment I realised that my life changed. We are definitely products of our environment. If you want to change something look at your environment and assess your triggers... let's go deeper on this soon! ;)

Use this week to be the sleeping beauty you are!

With Love,

-JK x

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