08- 5 ways to get the most out of your wardrobe!

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Hello Readers,

This week’s entry will help you get the most out of your wardrobe! Say Goodbye to excessive spending, struggling to find outfits and feeling lost when it comes to your style; and say hello to endless outfits, a new found confidence in your style and less stress. 

So let’s get right into it…

1. The Queen of Versatility: Basics

The key word and the aim when maximising your wardrobe is versatility. Basics are versatile and consist of simple clothing that can be worn repeatedly.  They include clothing like white tees, vests, denim jeans and cardigans that are all in staple colours.  They are a great and affordable place to start on your quest to achieving an endless wardrobe. 

2. Staples

There are a few items I can’t live without and I believe are essentials in everyone’s wardrobe; number 1 being an LBD- little black dress- Every female needs one! They can be worn in so many ways, dressed up or down, layered and a great day to night transition. A crisp white shirt. Staple black, silver and gold stilettos. A black blazer and a black dinner jacket. Staples can be investments because they never go out of style and withstand all trends. Finding your staples that best express your personality will help you maximise your wardrobe. 

3. Quality over Quantity

You want pieces that speak to your personality and can be worn more than once. Unique items from smaller slow fashion brands that you can wear to a wedding now and a party in the next 2 years. The question you need to ask yourself when making a purchase is, Can I wear this again? & Will I wear this again? Usually this is reflected in the price. The bigger the investment, the more likely you are to hold on to it and wear it again. Higher cost in this case means higher value. 

4. Do not underestimate your accessories. 

Accessories have the power to change the attitude and energy of your whole outfit. Gold vs Silver Jewellery. Mules vs Lace Up Heels, or even a shoulder bag vs a clutch. Your goal should be to have a wide range of accessories that have the power to alter your looks.

5. Mix and Match

Steps 1-4 should allow you the complete this final step. Mix and match the items in your wardrobe to make multiple combinations of outfits that showcase your personality, mood and style. How you style these items will be unique to you and be a representation of  your individualised look. 


I hope you give this a try, and I hope it helps!

Let us know in the comments!

Use this week to contribute to your impactful wardrobe, 

With Love, 


-JK x

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