06- The art of being alone.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex and The City

Hello Readers,

We’ve had a short break but we’re back with our weekly love notes. Today’s topic is something I practice often, for my own sanity. Spending time alone and getting to know myself has increased my happiness, health, confidence and drive. I feel as though, the more I discover about myself, the more life becomes easier, the more I enforce my boundaries and the less I ‘sweat the small stuff’. This is due to the security that comes with knowing who I am as an individual. 


Being alone does not mean you're lonely, it’s a common misconception. Society has manufactured the idea that being alone is sad and negative. The truth is “Being alone is a physical state, where you are physically by yourself, where as being lonely is an emotional state”- Sharon Melin, Outpatient Therapist. Spending some time alone can be a great way to reset and refresh from the toxicity of life. Your environment, your career and the people around you can have a horrible affect on your mental health, which will begin to translate in the effort you put into work, relationships and your own self-care. 


Kwezi’s Sexy, Elegant, Impactful always wants you to be in the best position to succeed. The first way to do so is by choosing yourself. 


Find the things that give you peace…

For me, I enjoy going to the movies alone, doing some retail therapy alone, taking long daily solo walks and recently I’ve started playing tennis. These 4 things are my escape. If life feels as though it’s getting too much I can rely on them to help me recharge. They are useful not only on the verge of burn out but also just when I feel like it. I go on 2-hour walks daily because I am committed to my self-development and spending time bettering my health. I almost see it as a job. It is important to show up for yourself just incase no one else does. The same way you show up for work everyday, you have to show up for yourself. It’s not a choice. You should find what gives you peace and keeps you going and maybe along the way you all discover your why…


I hope you all explore yourselves more and I hope it makes you better in all aspects of life.


*DISCLAIMER*- If you are struggling with your mental health, this is not medical advice. If you want support with your situation, please seek professional help.


Use this week to try something alone and make sure you look sexy doing it!

I’m buying cute tennis outfits as we speak!


-Xo, JK

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