31- Kwezi's Favourites

Hello my loves!

Our monthly segment ‘Kwezi’s favourites’ is where we share 5 of our favourite products every last Monday of the month. We want to shine a light on other pioneers and their innovations with products that advocate for the betterment of your life, self-care and wardrobe.

This week we have a new addition… 

No.6. Our song of the month!

It will always be short and sweet…

1. A Fashion Item: Mango Slingback Pointed Heels 

My favourite purchase this month. These heels are a timeless wardrobe staple with an awesome day to night transition. The comfort scale is a 7.5/10, they might need to be worn in a little first but overall you can definitely last all day in these sexy stilettos! Board room to Bar!!!

2. A read: Think Like a Lady, Act Like a Man by Steve Harvey

I had no clue this is what the famous movie was based off. An insightful read into how simple-minded men can be when it comes to relationships. An eye-opener for sure that will bring you back to reality. 

3. A tech goodie: Apple AirPods

I know what you think, basic right. However, this month one of my AirPods stopped working and I realised how important they are. I don’t know how to survive without a good pair of earphones. I am contemplating the purchase of AirPods Max Headphones, maybe I’ll be back with a review next month.

4. A Makeup/Skincare product: Lush Cherry Lip Scrub

This is the first beauty product I ever bought for myself as a teen. When they used to have a popcorn flavour. This month I bought my 3rd tin of the cherry version and I fell in love again. It feels and tastes so good. It is now, an essential step in my night time skin care routine. 

P.S. It comes in a range of flavours!

5. A haircare must have: Aveda Botaical Repair Strengthening Overnight Serum.

I am very much in my natural hair era. I recently had the pleasure to experience a luxury treatment and silk press at the Aveda salon. This product has helped maintain the press and shine and has left my hair feeling amazing even after the heat. 

6. A track: September by Earth, Wind and Fire.

A classic. I’ve been playing this on my way to the gym to get me in the mood for summer. This will be the the sound track of my euro summer. All the feels. Close your eyes, turn up your volume and be transported to a good memory. 

I hope this was short, sweet, fun and informative!

Use this week to indulge in a feel-good purchase!

-With Love,

JK x

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