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Hello Readers,

As some of you may know we announced our new signature summer collection this week with a look into our summer Pinterest board. 

The collection is inspired by our dream summer wardrobe. It includes 3 pieces that work in multiple summer settings. A combination of 3 different materials and 3 different colours. Lustrous satin, a lightweight knit and a neat organza.  

We are yet to release the collection images, however stay tuned to not miss out! Our satin piece is blue and gives off chill, peaceful, playful yet fun. The pink knit is memorable, soft, desirable and warm. Lastly, the ivory organza dress is safe and a flattering staple that you won’t leave the country without. 

This collection evokes all the emotions you feel when you first unpack on holiday and all your pieces are hanging in the wardrobe. The eruption of excitement anticipating that one outfit you’ve been envisioning in your head, pre-holiday. 

‘Your dream summer wardrobe’ carefully designed and curated by me. 

Take a look at the first piece in our collection, our pink knit number. 

Meet ‘Camille’ - which means perfect in French… we hope you love her and are excited to meet her!

If you missed it, watch our teaser here and catch the vibes straight from our Pinterest board.


Use this week to plan out your elegant summer wardrobe!

Signed with love…

-JK x

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