02- How to Keep Your Seat at the Table!

Reaching your full potential as an individual is all part of being Sexy, Elegant and Impactful. This week our short read is about holding your presence in any space you enter; digging deeper into how to work the space that you’re in, and understanding how to enhance your subtle undeniable energy.

Dress well!

The most obvious factor is dressing well. Your clothing choices give people a glimpse into your character. How you are presented visually is important. Dressing well is the first step into being taken seriously, and becoming memorable. 

You often hear people say “oh, the woman who was in the gorgeous purple dress!” as a way to trigger a memory. You may not have said much verbally but your outfit spoke for you. Your fashion also adds to the mystery of the energy people feel when they are around you. 

Learn the language of your room!

A gem which is applicable especially in the work environment is learning the language of your room. This is so important. When entering new rooms, it is important to first respect the way things are done before you create change, if that’s your plan. Jargon used in the room will seem so confusing if you don’t educate yourself, most of the time you know exactly what their talking about but the term they have used to simplify it completely throws you off. 

Learning the language doesn’t mean using big words to display your knowledge at every given opportunity, it is about recognising that when it is the right time for your input, you will be operating on their level, not 2 steps behind. 

Be memorable. Find your thing! If you know you don’t like to talk loads, lead with your fashion and build up your confidence. Vice versa. Shock people with your intellect then improve your wardrobe. Find what work’s for you! However these factors will not keep your seat at the table. 

Never get too comfortable!

You have to be willing to constantly adjust and evolve within and out of the space. Which leads us onto the next gem…Never get too comfortable! This is definitely no 1., if you are not willing to realise when you’ve outgrown a space, or are too comfortable in a space you will never reach your full potential. You should always be finding ways to better yourself. Sometimes, the seat in the room your in does not need to be kept. 

The table can be a metaphor for different phases of your life, you should always want to be the head of that table and in control. An individual in control of their own life is sexy and impactful. 

Add Value!

Moving away from the metaphors, in any room you have to ensure you are adding value. All relationships and environments in life are transactional, how are you going to be of use, whether it’s your connections, your knowledge, your comforting nature. You are definitely being kept around for a reason, but see this positively, there is a quality you portray that people need. This is your power. 

Our last gem is never be the loudest person in the room. Loudness shows insecurity, there is power in reservation and observation. The more you say, the more you appear regular and loose your power and as my grandma would say you have ‘stripped yourself naked' [in luganda lol], there will be no mystery, nothing intriguing. Here’s where quality over quantity comes in. This doesn’t mean isolate yourself, make sure you check your ego at the door are willing to learn and never restrict yourself one person in the room. 

Remember your energy and presence is always felt if you are true to who you are!

Use this week to look Sexy, Elegant & Impactful even if you don’t feel like it.



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